Saturday, May 28, 2016

Taming the Monkey Mind: Calm Abiding retreat with Geshe Gyalten.

Rhodes Theologos  Greece       5th -11th September 2016

Short description of the practice
Shi-né, or amatha in Sanskrit, is the practice of calm abiding. While its immediate
benefits are a clear, spacious and joyful mind, its main benefit lies in the fact that
it stabilizes the mind, preparing us for the practice of insight meditation, known as
Mahmudra or Vipayana. After the retreat, we will be enabled to start practicing
calm abiding in our daily life and can prepare for further modules envisioned for the
future. Although Shi-né is not a tantric practice, we benefit tremendously from direct
instructions from a qualified teacher Anybody who wishes to prepare for the retreat
can get into contact with us and obtain an electronic copy of Geshe-las Book on the
Rinpoche’s Holy Relics
In response to the unspeakable loss that the passing into peace of His Eminence,
the fifth Choden Tulku constitutes for students worldwide, Geshe Gyalten has kindly
initiated an opportunity for us to establish and deepen the connection with His Eminence
by bringing the holy relics of this incomparable master to Europe, including
Greece. The relics will be unveiled during the evening teachings in the top floor
teaching room.

Please ask for the full programm

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