Friday, September 11, 2015

Find Harmony in Meditation

It's no wonder that when we begin to learn to meditate, most of us have trouble with back pain.
 We have developed poor sitting habits from years of sitting in improperly designed chairs. A quick look at the chairs offered to us in schools, offices, cars, and airplanes reveals little understanding on the part of chair manufacturers of how human anatomy functions in the seated position. 
But through education and vigilance, we can learn to sit with ease.
The key to sitting well is a harmoniously positioned pelvis. 
The pelvis, which literally means "basin" in Latin, not only holds and protects our abdominal organs but also serves as the anchor for the spinal column. 
The pelvis is the pot out of which the spine grows. Because of this relationship to the spinal column, the position of the pelvis is crucial to sitting properly.

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