Friday, February 26, 2016

Upcoming Yoga and Pilates Retreat May16-23, 2016!!

Upcoming Yoga and Pilates Retreat May16-23!!

If you love Pilates, yoga, and a peaceful place, this retreat is for you. The land of the retreat is isolated and at the same time only 500 meters from the beautiful and graphical village Theologos, where you can explore lot of nature walks to Butterfly Valley and many ancient cities. Its excellent beach can be breezy – an ideal place for windsurfers. You can go cycling, play with kites and windsurf very nearby. Book now to experience practicing yoga and Pilates in the beautiful nature of Greece! At this retreat, we employ ancient practices, done in the correct and most enriching way. To ensure this, our retreats are person and intimate consisting of no more than eight members.

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